Deidaa’s Australia Scarf results from a year long research into Australian flora. Each printed silk scarf features a flowering plant found in Australia. Traveling overseas? Why not buy this floral print scarf as an Australian souvenir for a friend ? Pack one in your bag to carry a slice of Australia with you. This long scarf is the perfect cure for homesickness. Visiting Australia and spellbound by its beauty? Take home a designer silk scarf Australia scarf to create everlasting memories. This luxury wrap captures Australia’s unique flora. Team@deidaa designs Australia scarves at Deidaa's Melbourne studio. Deidaa has a copyright on each Australia scarf. Deidaa’s designer silk scarves are made out of soft natural fibres. These scarves for women are versatile, all season fashion accessories. They can be neck warmers, shoulder stoles, head scarves or sarongs. These shawls can be runners or throws and complement Australia themed decor.

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